Scrape Direct Founder Emails Of ECommerce Brands

How it works

Improve targeting

Advanced filtering to find better leads.

Filter e-commerce brands based on technology installed on their website or by their monthly tech spend.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Scraping Capability

Skip the gatekeeper and talk to who's in charge.

Scrape the direct email address of founders, owners, CEO's, presidents and directors.

Is This Right For Me?

This is for any person who sells B2B services to ecommerce brands. It is only for scraping ecommerce brands.

There is one email address per company - scraped at the highest priority in descending order: Founder, Owner, CEO, CMO, President, Directors.

What's included in the output?

Full Name & Title

Structure your emails by personalising your sales pitch with the full name and title of your prospect.

Direct Email Address

Reduce bounce rates and allow the decision maker to read your offer rather than an assistant dragging your email into the trash.

Company Domain

With the company domain you can perform analysis prior to sending your email easily and see your conversion rate soar.


Can I sort by how much money the brands make?

We filter by monthly technology spend, so you can make your own assumption on how much a brand makes based on spend.

However, our typical revenue breakdown are as follows:

- Below $500 tech spend: $10-20K/mo
- $1000 tech spend: $50K/mo
- $2000 tech spend: $100K/mo
- $5000 tech spend:$200K-$1M/mo

Is there training available?

When you sign up we include exclusive cold email training from the creator of Cold Email Mastery. A subscription does not include Cold Email Mastery

Are the emails verified?

Yes. All emails are verified and deliverable when added to our database. Expect a 1% bounce rate.



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